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Dr. Sharma has more than 20 years of extensive experience in research and teaching of cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology.

Dr. Sharma has been instrumental in developing the infrastructure for research at the School of Pharmacy duly supported by PCOM. In a newly-developed Pharmacy Research Laboratory at the Georgia campus, Dr. Sharma is developing an in vitro paradigm (using stem cell derived cardiomyocyte and primary human cardiomyocyte culture) to assess in vivo clinical cardiovascular pathophysiology. Dr. Sharma envisions advancing the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences as a platform for the growth and development of students and faculty at the PCOM School of Pharmacy - Georgia Campus.

As a member of Executive Leadership Team of the PCOM School of Pharmacy, Dr. Sharma is integral part of accreditation process (governed by Accreditation Council of Pharmacy Education). Dr. Sharma is leading the department of pharmaceutical sciences in providing education to professional PharmD students at the School of Pharmacy.

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