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I have taught gross anatomy and neuroscience for over 20 years. I love finding unique ways to help students remember and utilize their knowledge in their clinical careers. I have taught clinical (medical, veterinary, physical therapy), graduate, and undergraduate students over my career and have been privileged to mentor several in their research endeavors. My research students have been invited to give both national and international talks, have published in excellent peer-reviewed journals, and have received local and national grants. I have also enjoyed the role of mentor to both basic science and clinical faculty. I enjoy assisting others in their endeavors to advance both their research and career goals.

My second set of experiments examines how the gut microbiota influences brain function. Prior experiments in this field have shown that the organisms in the gut can directly affect brain activity. They can have either positive or negative effects depending on which microorganisms are prominent. By altering diet, we can promote the growth of the "good" microorganisms, and thus directly influence specific circuits within the brain. Progress in this set of experiments may help us utilize food as a therapy for a variety of psychiatric and mood disorders.

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Biology, BS, Indiana University

Anatomical Sciences and Neurobiology, PhD, University of Louisville Medical School


  • Neuroscience and Neurobiology
  • Medicine and Health Sciences