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Dr. Arya teaches pathology in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at PCOM South Georgia. She has been teaching pathology to medical students for more than 20 years. Prior to joining PCOM, she worked at Ross University School of Medicine.

Dr. Arya has held several academic positions including assistant dean of basic sciences, director of medical education, course coordinator of pathology and module director of the Heme-Lymph module. She has also served as chair of grand rounds committee, vice chair of students promotions committee and chair of curriculum management sub-committee for the CAAM-HP and DMB accreditation visits; and ExamSoft manager.

Dr. Arya employs a variety of active learning strategies, including flipped classroom, problem-based learning, modified team-based learning and uses audience response systems like Turning point, Poll Everywhere and Top Hat in her teaching.

Dr. Arya’s teaching career has been distinguished with several recognitions, including awards for Best Professor (“Dr. Idol”), Best Mentor, Most Favorite Professor and Outstanding Professor.

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