ASIC Framework Simplified and Operationalised – An Operational Matrix for Optimising the Use of Technologies and Innovations in Medical Education

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The ASIC [adaptation, standardisation, integration and compliance] framework was developed to set the standard for the use of innovations and technologies in medical education. There is a need to develop frameworks and reference guides for educational technologies [EdTechs] and innovations, noting that EdTechs are becoming increasingly important to the delivery of medical education. The ASIC framework as previously published presents four major tenets including: adaptation, standardisation, integration and compliance. The operational matrix is now developed and presented in this article. Each tenet of the ASIC framework has key requirements or questions that the user of an EdTech or educational innovation should address. Each question represents a key requirement to be satisfied by the user of the EdTech to satisfy the ASIC tenets. Each question is also equally weighted as every other one. The matrix has 12 key questions, representing 12 key requirements. The results measurement can either be a fraction of 12 or a percentage. As a requirement, the minimum score under each category is 2 out of 3; ideally, optimisation of an educational innovation or technology requires that all boxes are checked in the affirmative. However, a minimum of 2 out of 3 in every category would indicate a minimum score or threshold. This effort is in line with previous and ongoing efforts to ensure that educational technologies and innovation that are deployed to deliver medical education are adapted for optimal performance, standardised for the use of training, integrated into the medical education delivery system, and compliant with professional, institutional, and regulatory standards.
Original languageAmerican English
JournalAdvances in Medical Education and Practice
StatePublished - 2022


  • ASIC
  • adaptation
  • compliance
  • framework
  • innovation
  • integration
  • medical education
  • operational matrix
  • standardisation
  • technology


  • Medicine and Health Sciences

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